Revision 2024 - 04.2024

Benediction has been present at Revision 2024. You can find the outcomes here.

 Benediction Coding Party #3 - Compo pack - 16.12.2023

The compo pack of the Benediction coding party #3 has been released with its nice intro by Eliot. You can find it here.

 Prod update - 29.11.2023

No updates since 7 years!!! Time flies faster than expected :( However we have not been so lazy! Prods of last years are available here.

One prod as not been listed. It is Prince Dastan - Sokoban Within , a game released under the label "Euphoria Design" in 2020.

We have also publicly released our Cross-dev toolchain" we used us for "Stand Up!", and "Can Robots Take Control ?".

 30 Years Amstrad Megademo - 25.06.2016

After several years of hard work, one of the biggest collaborative and international project of the CPC world is released. You can find it here.

 Push'n'Pop charts - 01.03.2013

Yes! For one more year, Push'n'Pop organized another charts' voting, and guess what... Benediction managed to rank first with "Wake Up!" demo in two categories (best 2012 demo, best soundtrack), while ranked second in the best intro category with "Stop that Nyan Cat!". Discover the winners here.

 Glory Holes - 26.06.2012

 No, we do not know anything about pr0n, so don't get puzzled with the title ;) Krusty, inspired by Loaderror's procedural 4k graphics on Amiga AGA, decided to ask some CPC designers to use their creativity and demonstrate what they can by using circles only. You have to check the results! Glory holes here.

 Outer World Music - 14.06.2012

 The fastest coder of the world, Eliot, coded a solid music disc with rexbeng's and Factor6's contribution in graphics and tunes respectively. Released only a year later from the party :) Must be listened to! Find it here.

 Wake Up! team interviewed - 01.05.2012

 Push'n'Pop asked us for an interview regarding our latest release, Wake Up!. Can you actually resist these guys?  Well, the answer is no! Check the interview of the whole team (Krusty, Eliot, Voxfreax, Exin, DMA-SC, McKlain) here.

 Wake Up! and Stop that Nyan Cat! released at Revision - 12.04.2012

 We wanted to find a chance and prove that we are the most active team around, so what better than participating in  several compos in an international demoparty, such as Revision? Wake Up! competed in the Oldskool demo compo    and ranked third, while Stop that Nyan Cat! in the 4K Oldskool compo and ranked third as well. Exin won the first  place in the ANSI art compo with some ponies... Everything is here.
 In addition, Krusty introduced CPC to many Revision people by organizing a seminar session with a great success.  You can find the slides here.

 Benediction official homepage - 29.11.2011

 Yes, it is true! Thanks to the great help and generosity of Push’n’Pop’s administrators, we welcome you to our brand  new official home. Feel free to roam around and discover our small web home. You can find and download all our  releases in the releases page.